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DF clamping system

The DF system is a new clamping system, developed and manufactured by SGM. It was designed to 3D objects, especially for optical ones measurements.
A safe positioning of the object is crucial for a precise measurement result.

The DF system is very easy to assemble with just one screw you can achieve high tensions repeatability and short preparation time for your measurement tasks.  

The DF system consists of an extensive assortment of clamping elements: profiles, connecting and fasteners. Made from extruded or machined AlMgSi1 aluminum, with a anodized, black or silver surface.  

The black anodized system prevents light reflections.

The silver version can be used if bright reflections from the attachment are desired.  

The DF system is a universal clamping system and can be used on any measuring machines, to be assembled. With special adapters it is a system with the DeMeet video & measuring table multi-sensor coordinate measuring machine fully compatible.

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