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Measurement services

If the measuring capacity is insufficient, we can support you, to execute your measurement tasks. Based on product samples and technical drawings, a measurement program will be created by our application support specialists. All measuring steps and the results are well documented, measurement reports are created.

Quality & Innovation

Our reliable service and excellent technical consultation support you in designing your optimal quality strategy. Our incoming- & outgoing goods inspection assures you only high quality products. Development and improvement of DeMeet measuring machines is a continuous process. New developments and innovations increase the performance and functionality of DeMeet and can always be delivered on Machines. Machinery parts traceability ensures availability of machine components for upgrading your DeMeet measuring machine.



The requirements for the measurement projects depend on the individual needs and specific circumstances.

Our qualified and experienced Hard- & Software Specialists support you with:

consultation in all aspects of your DeMeet
Online Support for the DeMeet measuring machines
custom Applications and measuring fixtures software Updates

The Hotline Support Service offers:

Remote desktop support

in relation to the general operation of DeMeet, measurement applications and specific settings. Direct contact with our support department, dedicated advice and short reaction times Optimal use of the DeMeet for your measuring tasks.


We can offer maintenance and calibration for optimal performance of your system. Service and calibration packages are provided by our technicians at your location or in our factory. Cleaning, general maintenance and inspection are all done with a traceable accuracy standard, small errors are eliminated with CAA (ComputerAided Accuracy), mathematically compensated for 3D, after which a new calibration certificate is issued.

Maintenance and calibration offer you an optimally prepared machine with high measurement accuracy and maximum reliability. The machine can be calibrated after installation and the planning of a regular service plus calibration is offered and done by us. If the machine is relocated or has to be moved, it is important that the machine is transported safely. We can help with packing, offer transportation and reinstallation at the new location.