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Low price & high performance

The SMART PROJECTOR QUATTRO measurement system provides in-field measurements in a defined field of view and produces accurate 2D measurement results from small parts in real-time.

It comes with 4 different enlargements, which are selected by the software, the desired accuracy can be set and thus enables the automatic measurement of parts with different sizes.

The robust design and user-friendly software makes it predestined for use in production.

Smart_Projector_Quattro is equipped with an AIO computer with touch screen and the associated touch measurement software.

simple & fast

Smart_Projector_Quattro is an automated profile projector which includes the precision, objectivity, repeatability and guaranteed ease of use, combined by SmartVision technology..

4 in 1

With the innovative optical solution of zoom lenses in just one Instrument. Smart_Projector_Quattro allows four different Software enlarges and changes the field of vision. This makes our product a 4-in-1 solution for complete and automatic dimensional checks on a wide range of products.


The equipment guarantees the measurement stability of the Center of image when focusing and switching from one level to another or enlargement to another. The advantages of flexibility of zoom lenses and the accuracy of the fixed optics are merged in our facility without compromising on the precision. Four different measuring fields in a unique instrument: Precision, flexibility and reliability!

industrial & compact

Smart_Projector_Quattro is a fast, compact, robust, static, easy to use equipment that is easy to use and program, designed for harsh environmental conditions and high-level use.

Range of service

• Particularly suitable for large quantities (production quality tests, inline tests, incoming goods inspections

• Eliminates subjectivity and errors in operator-based measurement • Increases the number of quotas and the quality inspection rate, up to 16,000 inspection functions in a few seconds • Performs full automatic reporting and SPC (Min, Max, Area, Average, Hrs Dev, 6 Sigma)

• Designed for mass use in production

• Suitable for unqualified operators

• Flexible investment with a quick return on investment • Reduces the time and cost of controls

Spezifikation SmartVision Smart_Projector_Quattro


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Licht-Empfänger Linse Doppel- Telezentrische Linse
Vergrößerung 8x 4x 2x 1x
Messfeld (FoV) ø 10mm ø 20mm ø 40mm ø 80mm
Messfeldfläche 78mm² 314mm² 1256mm² 5026mm²
Wiederholgenauigkeit (4) ±0.2 μm ±0.4 μm ±0.5 μm ±1 μm
Messgenauigkeit (4) ±2 μm ±2.5 μm ±3 μm ±6 μm
USB Kamera 4 MegaPixel
Messkammer 200mm x 225mm x 200mm
Dimensionen 282mm x 330mm x 1025mm
Gewicht 40kg
Diaskopisches Licht (1) Gebündelt
Episkopisches Licht (2) Ja


1 Durchlicht: Kollimierter Projektor mit grünem LED-Licht oder Standard-LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtung. Die kollimierte Projektorintensität ist softwareprogrammierbar, wenn auch eine episkopische Lichtsteuerung (2) verfügbar ist.

2 Episcopic Light Control: 4 unabhängige 90 ° -Sektoren, softwareprogrammierbar, Front / Episcopic-Weiß diffuses LED-Licht, auf Bestellung gefertigt.

3 Standardmodelle - andere kundenspezifische FoV auf Anfrage erhältlich.

4 Präzision der Messung (± μm) einer Linie, erhalten durch Messung eines spezifischen Kalibrierungsziels, das ungefähr in FoV-Zentrum angeordnet ist, am besten Fokusposition bei 25 ° C ± 1 °.

5 Die Abmessungen der Messkammer sind nicht die Abmessungen des Sichtfelds, daher sind sie nicht als Testfläche zu betrachten.

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