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Renishaw clamping devices for your CMM

CMM clamping devices from Renishaw can become one Throughput increase, better reproducibility and Accuracy of your measurement process because it is fast and repeatable clamping configurations for your Offer workpieces.

Renishaws CMM clamping devices are modular design and can be tailored to your needs Requirements are expanded to include a complete one Clamping solution for all workpieces, independently the size, shape and material offer.

No matter if you have workpieces for the aerospace industry, Automotive industry or for electronic, industrial or measure medical applications, the CMM clamping device from Renishaw offer you a complete solution. The offer includes clamping plates with M4, M6 or M8 thread and a large selection of standard sizes as well as different User-friendly, modular clamping components.

Perfect clamping solutions can be set up quickly, to increase throughput and delay in To avoid quality inspection. Each clamping plate has an alphanumeric grid pattern and each clamping component has its own Article no. that is clearly visible. That means everyone Configuration fully defined and documented can be by the structure and the position of the individual clamping components are logged and thus the same configuration quickly and precise for subsequent measurements can be rebuilt. This is special Meaning if a single kit for different applications or used by multiple users becomes. Identical clamping configurations improve reproducibility and accuracy of measurement since Deviations from the procedure eliminated become.

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