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ALUFIX clamping system

ALUFIX Classic is the worldwide most-known modular clamping and fixing system for almost all applications for dimensional measuring.

Because of the high precision and the sum of the intelligent elements, ALUFIX is also as a assembly devices and positioning systems in use. Right through all industries, from the automotive industry to the aerospace technology up to biology and medicine industry build on / with Witte ALUFIX Classic.

You have different materials, their components vary in Size, mass and stability, do you measure tactile or optical?
No problem for ALUFIX Classic!
Because of the variety of elements and of course many years of experience Witte offers ALUFIX Classic for (almost) everyone Task a solution. ALUFIX Classic is not just a Investment for current needs, it´s very special in the future, because all elements, according to the real idea of a modular system, reusable and with all other Witte systems and elements can be combined.

ALUFIX is characterized by:
• High precision and reproducibility
• Reusability
• Profitability
• Intelligent individual elements
• Simple, safe handling
• System integrity and extensibility.

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