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FCR25 is a flexible changing system with three deposit locations, so it offers aunsurpassed flexibility to applications, which need a fast and automated change. It can be assembled directly to the MRS or MRS2, which are the modular fastening systems of Renishaw. It is for the safe storage of SM25 button modules, SH25 buttonholders and TP20 modules needed. FCR25 doesn't requires a electrical connection.

FRC25-L3 or L6 is a „Stand-Alone“-changing system with three/six storage locations, it´s based on the FCR25.

Flexible changing system for an automated change of SP25M scanning- und sensor modules.

FCR25-L3 Different modul changing systems, which can take up SP25M system elements in all storage locations.

SM25 scanning modules
TM25-20 TTP Moduladapter
SH25 sensor for scanning
TP20 sensor modules

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