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Renishaw clamping devices for optical measuring systems

Renishaw's clamping device for optical measuring systems have been used with multisensor machines developed and offer a fast and repeatable Method for clamping a workpiece for precise and consistent measurements.

Each clamping device for optical measuring systems contains a precision acrylic baseplate that uses backlight enables and provides a clear view of the workpiece.

Clamping components can quickly be placed on the base plate screwed and arranged in any configuration so that the component is in a practically free condition is held with only a small amount imposed on the surface. The component can be easily and without hindrance of the backlight or measurement path.

Clamping components can be made within a small scope placed to clamp even the smallest parts and to fix.

Renishaw offers two clamping options, depending on yours special optical measuring system:
• Quick Load Corner (QLC) specially developed for your optical measuring system
• Interchangeable clamping devices for optical measuring systems (IVF) for optical measuring systems 450 mm × 450 mm or larger, individually designed for your machine and application

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