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DeMeet Video Measuring Machines

Optical measurements are performed using the camera system, optics and adjustable illumination. Due to the non-contact nature of the measurements there is no risk of product deformation. Optical measuring is very suitable for products with fine structures and contact sensitive products. Another advantage of optical measurements is that edge information can be defined directly with high density of measuring points. Within the field of view of the DeMeet a very high accuracy can be achieved.

A combination of high quality telecentric optics and DeMeet Sony sensor camera is integrated for a clear image with an excellent contrast and a high resolution. In combination with the image processing functionality of the DeMeet, this results in highly accurate measurements.

Telecentric optics are supplied as a standard to avoid perspective image distortion around the center of the field of view. The DeMeet is either equipped with Nikon, Leica-Design or Mitutoyo optics with a large working distance for a brilliant image with high contrast providing optimal edge detection. The lenses with various magnifications from 1x to 10x are available and can be exchanged during a measuring run, generating a range in display magnification from 40x to 400x.

DeMeet Design and Quality

The application of quality components made by Schut and by well-known, specialized manufacturers ensures excellent performance and high accurate measurements.

With the new design of the DeMeet measuring machine series no concessions have been made to accuracy and reliability. The new visually screwless cover design provides a better protection in the production environment and is highlighted with nickel-plated aluminum details which can be personalized.

The open design of the DeMeet allows for easy operation and loading of the machine from all sides. The accuracy of the DeMeet measuring machines is guaranteed by a CAA 3D correction model (Computer-Aided Accuracy, error compensation).

DeMeet Machine construction

The DeMeet 3D CNC coordinate measuring machines are designed with a proven fixed bridge construction and moveable measuring table for high accuracy and accessibility. The completely covered drive system and integrated damping make the DeMeet machines very suitable for inline measuring on the production floor. The construction is a granite base plate with accuracy grade according to DIN 876/00, placed on well positioned shock absorbing points and resting on a welded base frame (for the DeMeet-220 the base plate is flat grinded cast iron).

The XYZ base structure for the THK precision preloaded caged ball linear guides is made from extremely tension relieved, flat grinded cast iron, as the basis for a mechanical accurate construction. The axis drive system consists of Faulhaber high torque DC servo motors, TFE coated Kerk lead screws and Renishaw TONIC optical linear encoders with low sub-divisional error.

The measuring table is made of tension relieved, wear-resistant, nickel-plated steel, with a mounting hole pattern for product fixtures and a flat aligned glass plate. The video model consists of a DeMeet camera with a Sony sensor and a telecentric optical system. In addition to the optical system the Combo model is equipped with a Renishaw touch probe system.


Illumination is essential for accurate measurements. The DeMeet is standard equipped with LED based illumination (backlight, coaxial light and ­segmented ring light).

A ring light consisting of a 3 rings, 16 segments and 48 cells LED pattern, that can be controlled per individual ring, segment and cell, is standard supplied for optimal light configuration.

The ring light can be set in intensity and angle to achieve the best contrast with clearly defined edges. The backlight is transmitted from below and is used to highlight the profile of the edges. Coaxial lighting can be used for illumination inside deep located structures. The LED based backlight and coaxial light can be adjusted in intensity.

The configuration of the illumination is automatically controlled during a CNC measuring run. A coaxial laser pointer assists navigation during creation of a measuring program.

Approve for DeMeet MultiSensor Software Paket

Approve for DeMeet is a true multi-sensor software package, where the difference in sensor origin of the measuring input is limited to only the necessary.

All the measuring results of video and touch probe can be displayed, reported, exported and used in constructs together, and are dynamically updated. The measuring results can also be displayed together in a 3D view.

Approve for DeMeet is designed to be a user-friendly software package, but is flexible and very elaborate to measure many products.

PTB software evaluation

Evaluation software for coordinate measuring machines. The accuracy of the evaluation software was verified by comparing the results obtained from the software with reference results supplied by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Braunschweig, Germany). The Approve for DeMeet software has been placed in the class of the smallest deviations.

More about Approve for DeMeet MultiSensor Software

Fixture systems for DeMeet

A secure positioning of the measurement object is crucial for an accurate measurement result and the clamping system can also be used for pallet measurements.

DF Fixture system
DF-System is a fixture system developed and produced by Schut and designed for constructing 3D product fixtures, particularly for optical measurements, and is fully compatible with the measuring table of the DeMeet measuring machines.

Alufix Fixture system
Alufix is a flexible fixture system made of high-tensile aluminum. Alufix is a uniquely designed modular fixture system to prepare a product-fixture in a short time and is easy to mount and specially suitable for fixtures for heavier measuring objects

Specialized Fixture systems
If products have to be measured on a pallet where a standard fixturing system does not offer a correct solution - for example due to the unusual shape or small dimensions of the product - then a customized system can be the solution.

More about Fixture systems

Spezifikationen Video Messmaschinen 


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DeMeet Sony Sensor Kamera

Telezentrische Leica-Design Objektive

2,0x (1,0x, 5,0x und 10,0x Option)

Telezentrische Nikon Objektive

3,0x (1,0x, 5,0x und 10,0x Option)

Ringbeleuchtung 1

3 Ringe, 16 Segmente und 48 Zellen (einstellbar)

Durchlicht und Koaxialbeleuchtung


Tastsystem 2


Konstruktion 3

Feste Brücke mit Granit Grundplatte DIN 876/00


Extrem spannungsarm, lach geschlifenes Gusseisen

Messtisch 4

Hart-Eloxiertes Aluminium, spannungsarm


THK Linearführungen


Renishaw TONIC Linearencoder


Faulhaber DC Servomotoren


Motorisierter Joystick / CNC





Aulösung (µm)

0,5 (0,1 optional)

Genauigkeit standard 5 (µm) (0,5 µm Aulösung) (L in mm)

X/Y/Z 4 + L/150

XY 5 + L/150

Genauigkeit optional 5 (µm) (0,1 µm Aulösung) (L in mm)

X/Y/Z 3 + L/200

XY 4 + L/200

Verfahrgeschwindigkeit max. (mm/s)

X/Y 250, Z 55

Beschleunigung max. (mm/s2)

X/Y/Z 500





Spannung (V)

90 - 120, 210 - 240 (50 - 60 Hz)

Leistung (VA)








15 - 35



20 ± 0,5

Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit


40 - 70 (keine Kondensation)



1 Für Video Ausführungen (nicht für DeMeet220) kann auf Anfrage eine Ringbeleuchtung mit 4 Ringen, 16 Segmenten und 64 Zellen geliefert werden.
2 Andere Tastersysteme können auf Anfrage geliefert werden.
3 Die Grundplatte der DeMeet220 ist aus lach geschlifenem Gusseisen.
4 Optional erhältlich aus spannungsarmem, vernickeltem Stahl.
5 Die Genauigkeit des MultiSensor Messsystems ist zu berücksichtigen.
Die Speziikationen gelten für alle DeMeet Ausführungen, sofern nicht anders angegeben. Maschinen mit höheren Speziikationen und/oder kundenorientierten Besonderheiten sind auf Anfrage lieferbar. Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr. Für weitere Speziikationen konsultieren Sie unsere Website Schut.com.

An overview of our models

  • DeMeet220

    Messbereich (XYZ) 220 × 150 × 100 mm
    Tischabmessungen 357 x 260 mm
    Werkstückgewicht 20 kg
    Die maximale Messgeschwindigkeit X, Y = 200 mm / s Z = 50 mm / s
    Maschinenmaße (B x H) 455 × 735 × 615 mm
    Gewicht Maschinen 110 kg

  • DeMeet400

    Messbereich (XYZ) 400 × 250 × 200 mm
    Tischabmessungen 560 x 372 mm
    Werkstückgewicht 50 kg
    Die maximale Messgeschwindigkeit X, Y = 250 mm / s Z = 50 mm / s
    Maschinenmaße (B x H) 835 × 880 × 1590 mm
    Gewicht Maschinen 480 kg

  • DeMeet404

    Messbereich (XYZ) 400 x 400 x 200 mm
    Tischabmessungen 560 x 574 mm
    Werkstückgewicht 50 kg
    Die maximale Messgeschwindigkeit X, Y = 250 mm / s Z = 50 mm / s
    Maschinenmaße (B x H) 835 × 1220 × 1600 mm
    Gewicht Maschinen 700 kg

  • DeMeet443

    Messbereich (XYZ) 400 × 400 × 300 mm
    Tischabmessungen 560 x 574 mm
    Werkstückgewicht 50 kg
    Die maximale Messgeschwindigkeit X, Y = 250 mm / s Z = 50 mm / s
    Maschinenmaße (B x H) 835 × 1220 × 1798 mm
    Gewicht Maschinen 730 kg

  • DeMeet705

    Messbereich (XYZ) 700 × 500 × 300 mm
    Tischabmessungen 930 x 700 mm
    Werkstückgewicht 60 kg
    Die maximale Messgeschwindigkeit X, Y = 250 mm / s Z = 50 mm / s
    Maschinenmaße (B x H) 1534 × 1550 × 1830 mm
    Gewicht Maschinen 1400 kg

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